Rear Seat Entertainment
With the explosion of high speed network connectivity in the automotive sector, We at ChipSync have ventured to explore this opportunity to provide high quality streaming multimedia content to driver and passengers. Our distributed media playback solution called RSESync enables content sharing from different sources (Head Unit, iPhone, Android phone) to different devices (BYOD devices, Rear Seat system). RSESync allows different devices within the car to browse and play content seamlessly and also control playback on remote devices.

RSESync’s features :
  • Head Unit(HU) serves as the media powerhouse with support for iAP1/ IAP2 devices, Mass Storage Devices (USB, SD, CDs), MTP devices, DLNA servers connected over WiFi and Cloud based contents. Additionally HU can also play the content from BYODs.
  • Rear Seat Systems provides control and access to HU content and the plethora of devices that can be connected to it. Passengers can play their own content from HU and view it on the Rear Seat System.
  • Passengers can bring their own devices(BYOD) which can be an iPhone or Android phone and get access to the HU content the same way as the Rear Seat System. It is also possible to stream content stored on BYOD to HU or Rear Seat Systems.