At ChipSync we understand that how Linux has evolved over the years with its footprint in all major areas of computing software including embedded automotive software.
Our team has expertise in all aspects of embedded Software such as BSP, device drivers, OS porting, middle-ware integration and performance tuning which enables us to deliver software with high quality and improved performance. We have successfully delivered device drivers on all major semiconductor platforms along with optimization in major areas such as boot time and power management. ChipSync brings with it decades of experience in Linux Embedded software services.

Our Expertise and Solutions

We have deep technical expertise in leading platforms from TI, Intel, NXP,Broadcom, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Renesas, ST, Mediatek etc and we provide the below services.

  • Board Support packages, Board bring up, OS porting with new platform migration.
  • Delivered device drivers for Camera, Graphics, LCD, Touch, HDMI, Audio, NAND, eMMC, SDIO, MMC/SD Card, SATA, PCI, SPI, I2c, Video, DMA, Gigabit Ethernet, GPS, WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB (Host,Gadget and OTG).
  • Proprietary and vendor specific drivers development such as iAP, Composite CDC-NCM, EAP , Role switch drivers and vendor specific USB drivers.

  • Middle-ware development, Component integration.
  • Multimedia, connectivity and sensor fusion frameworks.
  • Video Codecs.
  • Image Codecs.
  • Audio Codecs.
  • Speech Codecs.
  • Advanced audio/Video post processing.
  • File containers and protocol stacks such as RTP, MPEG-DASH, DLNA, MirrorLink.
  • Sub-systems: GStreamer, ALSA.
  • Camera/Audio/ display framework.
  • Android and Linux based media systems.
  • Streaming: RTP, SRTP, Adaptive Streaming technologies, MPEG2 TS.
  • Frameworks: QT, GTK, X11, Wayland, Pulse audio, DirectFB, ALSA, V4L2.
  • Tools: Bitbake, Yocto.
  • Boot time optimization, Power management, Memory optimization and Performance optimization.
  • Camera drivers with quick boot-up, shorter lag, shutter speeds, and low power consumption.
  • Low latency streaming over Wi-Fi and perform post-processing to enable enhanced video quality.
  • CDC NCM bandwidth fine tuning and optimizations.
  • USB audio driver buffer management and optimizations for smooth playback.