Android Automotive OS is a fully customizable embedded infotainment system designed to seamlessly connect to an array of Google services and third-party apps familiar to users. However to build an integrated and fully capable IVI system, series of modifications required in different Android Automotive OS components.
ChipSync delivers a customer-tailored and CDD/CTS compliant Android based infotainment system with highly robust software solutions across different hardware platforms. Also ensures to have minimal changes in the core Android framework which enables rapid migration from one Android version to another, thereby enabling faster time to market.

Our solutions and services

  • Audio Framework Integration.
  • Audio HAL Implementation.
  • Low latency audio path Integration.
  • Multi-Zone audio support for building rear-seat entertainment solutions.
  • Vehicle Camera HAL Implementation for rear view.
  • Exterior View System (EVS) Manager customization.
Display and Input:
  • Multiple Display Management and Application Integration.
  • Instrument Cluster Integration.
  • Car Input Service Integration.
Human Machine Interface:
  • System-UI customization and implementation.
  • Dialer (Phone), Media, Radio and Connectivity Application implementation.
IVI Connectivity:
  • Device Management (USB, BT and WIFI Devices).
  • Bluetooth Connection and Profile Management (A2DP, HFP, PBAP).
  • Wifi and Tethering Manager customization.
  • Managing boot time optimization.
  • Garage Mode customization.
User and Accounts:
  • Enabling Multi-User Support.
  • Managing Users and Accounts.
Android OS Up-gradation:
  • Migrating older version of Applications and system HAL components.
  • Maintaining Treble compliance.
  • GPS / Navigation Manager Integration.
  • CarService Integration.
  • SE-Linux Support.
  • Android specific BSP customization.